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Achieved! "Donate to Mockingbird"Donated to The Mockingbird Foundation in the last year"Add shows to"Added "My Shows" to"Comment on the blog"Participate in the discussion on the Blog"Comment on a song history"Leave a comment on a song history"Comment from the mobile site"Post from the mobile site or a third-party application"Use Chat"Participate in Chat"Post 3 comments"Post 3 comments in the forum"Write a review "Review a show on"Rate a show"Rate a show on"Write a private message"Exchange private messages with another user."Vote"Moderate a comment"Custom avatar"Create a custom avatar"Make a friend"Add a friend"Start a popular thread"Start a forum thread that has over 100 responses"Forum 500"Post 500 comments in the forum"Forum 5000"Post 5,000 comments in the forum"Start a Thread"Start a thread in the forum"Comment 10+"Post a comment rated 10 or higher"Comment 50+"Post a comment rated 50 or higher".net Noob"Be active for 1 year on .net".net Four"Be active for 4 years on .net
Not yet achieved "Sideshow review"Review a sideshow setlist"Create a collection"Has create a "collection""Win a Mystery Jam"Has won a Mystery Jam Contest"Dream setlist"Create a dream setlist"Rate 50 shows"Rate 50 shows on"Rate 200 shows"Rate 200 shows on"Review 10 shows"Review 10 shows on"Review 25 shows"Review 25 shows"Review 250 shows"Review 250 shows on"About Tree Fiddy"Review 350 shows on" All Star"Review 500+ shows on"Review 1st show"Review your first show on"Forum 10,000"Post 10,000 comments in the forum"Quality Poster"Have an average forum comment score above 2
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