7-14-01 - The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA

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Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2001 10:20:35 -0700
From: Aaron Bach aaron@perri.com
To: dws@gadiel.com
Subject: 7-14 Review

Right off the bat I'd like to say the reason I am writing this review is
because I'm listening to this show for the second time now. To add to that,
there are some gorgeous sounding boots up on the internet now...if you went
to this show and didn't like it...listen to it again. Also, my review may be
a little biased because I spent most of this show backstage and on the
sidestage - so of course I had the time of my life. Anyways, the Last Tube
that opened this show had a wonderful groove to it and had words and the
like -very nice. Some of the people that I was next to said that Friday's
1st set was kind of mellow so I was excited that Trey kicked it off with a
long, ripping jam. The rest of the set flew by quickly with highlights being
the Burlack and Moesha closer. I stayed on the sidestage for the second set
so I think I missed out on the lights and the crowd energy, but how often do
you get to enjoy a show from a different perspective? Sand second set was
surely the high point of this show. Listen to Ray on the keys for something
totally phresh. I guess the only thing bad about this show was the vibe. I
think a lot of people were pissed because Trey repeated a few songs from the
night before. And some of the shirts I saw - Trey is Wilson and Treytor -
whats up with that? Are some people on tour just to rag on it? I say, if
you're pissed off about the setlists, sell the rest of your tickets and move
on to another band. Don't bring down the vibes at all the shows - and
especially for those of us who just checked out one show. I loved this show,
and I didn't see any repeats! For me, this was the shit...for tour rats,it
was shitty. Oh well, I just thinks its lame to follow trey, just to rag on
him. Give him a break, he's doing something new and creative and I've never
seen him smile so big.

    - And to all of you calling him a traitor - Wouldn't he be more of a
traitor if he was selling out stadiums playing phish songs by himself?

Don't worry, Phish will be back when the time is right...if you don't like
Trey, there are tons of other bands out there...go check out some other
scenes...but please, don't ruin anymore shows. The tour is finally hitting
the midwest and soon the east coasters. Don't ruin it for my phriends out on
the east coast. They haven't scene any of this music yet. To my friends
about hit some solid midwest shows...have fun and don't let the naysayers
get you down. Listen to the music with your own ears and love it for what it
is. Peace,

Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 18:02:31 -0400 From: mrcrstn@ix.netcom.com To: dws@archive.phish.net Subject: Review 7/14 Ok, Trey @ the Greek! What a venue, eh? Up on the hill overlooking the SF Bay, nice summer evening, your favorite Guitar guy wailing away, is there anything better? Well ok Phish @ the Greek, perhaps. Out of the two nights, I thought Friday was much stronger than Saturday. It seemed the band was excited about playin^ on the hallowed ground. The first set flowed just right and ended just in twilight both sonically and literally. Swingin^ Done Done It, great Windora Bug & Last Tube was^well Tubular. When the light dimmed for El Trey in La Summer for set Dos, the crowd of moving white flesh was ready to bob thy heads and yell hallelujah! Very tight, very hip, very coooooooool set. A rockin^ Mister Completely (as to Saturday^s) stood out for me, and both the end, Push on Through the Day and the encore of 1st Tube kicked. It was amazing that this band has really only been together three weeks. Oh that was just Friday they found it, because^ Saturday it already appeared to be old and wearisome. They as the weather was a bit chilly. I must say the low light for me was the tedious, overindulgent too many note SAND. Though I loved the horns and hoped our new keyboardist would give it ago with the solo^ Sad to say, it didn^t happen. Maybe after a tour ,but not the fourth show, that is for sure. I found both sets rather discombobulated. There just wasn^t the flow of Friday^s show. I had friends who began in San Diego and about half way through the second, decided to split and get some much needed rest. I guess that^s how it goes with a new band. Some days the dragon wins. Overall the sound was thick and all this talk about repetitive bass lines are ridiculous when it^s obvious Trey wants to groove and sustain and uses an open playing field that he mostly will fill. The rhythm section was a machine. Sure he^s not Gordo, but I think that^s the point. I hope Trey comes West with Oysterhead this fall. But I think everyone will agree, I hope the Hiatus doesn^t last too long. I miss my Phish Mommy. I want them to come back^ And soon.
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:38:54 -0500 From: Kevin Gittemeier keving@ldsinc.com Subject: 7-14-01 review This band is tight. Both nights at this famed amphitheatre were very entertaining and great music to dance to. The first set on Friday night seemed a little mellow to me, but could have been because I was in a shitty location. The second set blew everyone away and completely rocked. They picked up right where they left off on friday night rocking the whole night from the ripping "First Tube" opener to the "Mr. Completely" closer. There was something about these shows that really bothered me.....and it wasn't the band or the fact that they played some of the same songs both nights. It was all of the people who were sitting around pouting because trey played some of the songs he had just played last night. I understand where they are coming from, but it shouldn't ruin your night. He is only doing that with the brand new songs, and for most people it was only the second time hearing them....even with a studio album which has the exact same version of the songs each time you listen, you can't tell anything the first run through the songs....you know you don't go buy a cd, listen once and toss it...especially with music like this. It is intricate, complex music that really needs to be listened to more than once to "get it", and on top of that, the versions are not exactly the same (moesha rocked twice as hard on sat night) and the placement in the sets are different. This band is not phish......they do not have the same style, catalog of tunes, musicians, instruments, fans, etc. Do not go to more than one of these shows if you want a completely different set list....it is not going to happen. I do think it is complete bullshit that these people who trey has given so much to over the years, can't or choose not to respect his decision to play the music he is going to play. Go pick up a guitar and start your own band and play whatever the fuck you want every night to a crowd of three losers in your dorm room and get off tour, where all you do is complain about the best musician of our time and the songs he chooses to play. Kevin
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:27:19 -0700 From: Avi Gallant agallant@ravenswood-wine.com.hosting.pacbell.net Subject: 7-14-01 Review.... I really did not have any expectations going into the shows at the greek. Unfortunately, I was slightly dissappointed. I called the shows "entertaining" but nothing more. If you removed the other 7 members besides Trey and plugged in other great musicians you would have the same thing. No magic happening just songs. I know that they are shifting away from covers but come on if you are going to play two shows at the Greek you have to keep it interesting. Heard some of the same songs both nights. Throughout the show all musicians were constantly looking at Trey on what to do next. That is not a "true" band in my mind. All members should be equal in the mix and that was not true this time. Also, I agree with the review on the bass player. I mean come on, I've never played bass but I could certainly play what he was playing. During Sand, the same 10 notes for 25 minutes. Dosen't that get a little boring? Anyway, definetely not trying to be all negative, just letting people know what it is like. For anyone who was fortunate enough to attend High Sierra, you will understand my dissappointment after that great weekend of music. Well, who knows what the future will bring, but lets hope for something a little more interesting next time. Thanks and hope everyone enjoys the shows.
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 13:28:00 -0700 (PDT) From: David Lynch dmlynch@ucdavis.edu To: dws@gadiel.com Subject: Review - 7-14-01 - The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA If the two shows at the Greek had been stand-alone, Saturday's would have been better. It had more diversity, including a brand new song and an acoustic one, and more crowd interaction from Trey. However, since I had just seen 80% of the songs the night before, it was a little repetitive and disappointing. I guess I didn't realize beforehand that this band has not written/rehearsed enough material together to fill two nights with unique music. I hope they get to that point soon! Dave
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 19:45:29 -0700 (PDT) From: Schrader brian bfs_01109@yahoo.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Berkeley Trey Shows Just a few thoughts and ramblings. It wasn't the same, it was different, IT wasn't there, but change is good as long as one can go back and revisit that special place again in the future. I feel if Phish was just taking the summer off with definitive plans to return, most people would be enthusiastically rallying around the shows, however, there is no end in sight to the hiatus and that scares the shit out of some people who are left pondering, is this what we're going to have in the future? Personally, I think the music was well thought out by the band, played with high energy, and unrealistic expectations are never going to be reached. I feel this band should be playing much smaller venues than they are playing, the Greek was too big for them and this is one of the smaller venues compared to those back East. I also feel the scene was extremely weak in Berkeley, the crowds lacked energy, especially Saturday's show. Coming from New England and living out here now, I realize Phish is on a much smaller scale out here, with the crowds for Phil and Friends bigger and far more energized, yet that was a far superior band. Only real disappointment came when I saw Merl Saunders arrive Saturday before the show and was thrilled in anticipation of Merl sitting in after his funky show Thursday at the Great American, yet despite Trey hugging him at setbreak, there was no invite on stage. There were also tons of extra tickets for the shows, people giving them away for free or $10 at most. The light shows were a true highlight, it appears Kuroda added new lights to the mix with great results, languedoc and brad sands were on tour too. It seemed like the phish family was all there, except the 3 other ones that counted. Definitely check out a show, it's not worth a tour, but one can appreciate the effort the band put into the shows. Change is good for the soul I suppose.Bri
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 12:40:05 -0700 From: Amy Ciesielka wondererer@hotmail.com Subject: Both Berkeley shows Hey you guys, I just want to allay any doubts as to whether Trey has lost it or Trey has excelled or that the hiatus was a mistake or that we support it by saying... Trey just blew the non-existent roof off The Greek Ampitheater in Berkeley! Yes, he's basically writing Phish music for another band: bass, drums (a rhythm section that keeps time better than Seiko) and keys (who I didn't hear at all except for a ripping Superstition-esque solo during Sand) and a horn section of alto and tenor saxes, trombone and trumpet. They started off the first show slowly to feel out the crowd and played a couple 3 minute snappy songs. Then he pulled out Moesha which cancelled any doubts of Trey's new songwriting process. Halfway through I knew we were in for (possibly) the ride of our lives. Basically, Trey starts out the song and then the horns take over - tightened up and melodic. (Jennifer on trumpet spoke to me in ways I thought not possible!) Trey falls to the textural background to come flying through for ripping solos. He was the only one without a music stand which basically meant to me that everyone else was pretty orchestrally structured but held their own next to Trey's clean and jubilant sounds. The Beatles were only together for at most 8 years and look how influential they were. Everyone in Phish is so creative that they have other avenues of showing their talents. Same thing with the Beatles - George never got the glory though he is amazing! Etc etc etc... Page's setting up a jazz trio where his roots lie, Mike is making movies which infect my brain to the point where I can't think of music without thinking of his "There are 8 things that make up music. I'll give you 13." And of course Fishman is his Animal self with that Pork Tornado stuff. I guess it could all be summed up by 2 perfect shows that left EVERYONE satisfied that Trey is a guitar god. BUT THEN... he put his guitar down and conducted the band in a ripping instrumental. AND THEN... SAND!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!! He took Sand to depths, lengths, expanses not even attempted by Phish! When he elevated the song above where Phish had it, I turned to the person next to me and shouted, "I can't believe what he's doing to music right now!!!" It was like watching a whole new branch form on the tree of musical evolution. I witnessed it, I was there - it was so abstract! And it kept going! Everything was alive! It was so right now (threat of vomit - Outside Out reference)! It was about being here and alive and now with all these happy people sharing the best musical vibe I have probably ever been a part of. And Trey was LOVING IT!!!!! Ok, I know, you guys think every Phish show is my favorite, but this was a long time coming: it was wonderful!!! My advice - DO NOT let another Trey show go by without checking it out. I got lucky on this one. We all need the discs. I think I may have them in the works (thanks Mike :) and will definitely share. Yes, he repeated a few songs both nights (I was wondering what it'd be like planning on going on tour with Trey and finding out he's playing all the same setlists - NO PROBLEM!!!), but they were AWESOME both nights, and I don't really know the songs yet anyway. Overall, it was one of the best 2 roadtrips this year, a wonderful colorful carload of Mike Snyder, Toby Nicastro, Stephen Levy, me and then traveler Memo and all our friends along the way - Circle, Justin, Janna, Betsy, John, Colby, Juliette and all Mike's Michigan friends... it was fabulous!!! Thanks for listening and go see TREY!!! Love you guys, Amy YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!!! :)
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 12:39:25 -0700 From: Matt matt_bragg@hotmail.com Subject: Review for yall- Trey, 7-14-01, Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA Wow, just got home from berkeley, and man, Trey tore that place up! This was my first show this year (of trey anyway) and my first solo trey show, so I was pretty freakin stoked. After a long chill in front of the theatre, drinkin and smokin, we made our way inside. Oh, I have to say that the cops in berkeley were really pretty cool, the worst thing that I saw them do was make people hide their beers and sell them by the corner. One kid told me that at Friday's show, a cop took his stash and pipe, but told the kid to find him after the show and he did and the cop gave it back. He started last night with a nice bouncy song, which got the crowd going good. Trey was all smiles as he strummed out chords and gave everyone a chance to hear bits of the other band members, which included a very very hard hitting solo by Dave Grippo on sax. It was a joy seeing not only everyone in the stands, but trey as well digging Grippo's sound. There were a few times during the sax solo that trey even stopped playing and just totally absorbed Grippo's music. It was a blast. The song was followed by a really mournful blues tune that led into a nicely stiched solo by trey. You could tell at the beginning of his solo that he was holding back, but towards the end, spurred on by cheers from the crowd, he did do some amazing fast and complicated picking. The jam was almost like a condolence to recent deaths in the blues field. Following that was another nice bouncy song with a lot of horns. I'm really digging his horn section, and I'm sure trey is too. The trumpet goddess did a very powerful solo, VERY frenetic, then the song ended to huge cheers for her. After that, my brother started getting feeling bad, and rather than split up, I went with him from our awesome spot in front of the stage across from the horns up to the top of the hill, but the songs during that time was very nice and springy. The whole time I was dealing with my bro I was groovin like a mad man. The set ended, and we made our way back down and got almost into the same spot, but opposite the theatre from where we were before. Now we were directly across from the keyboards, and I was psyched for the second set. During the first set, I was anxious to get somma that organ noise, but he pretty much just stayed in the background the whole set. I figured we'd get some of his fury in set two. Well, next thing you know, its dark, and they come back out to huge cheers. Trey starts the second set with a really fast rockin song, and everyone was going mad. Here, we get that Trey madness that I've been missing, furiously hammering on and sliding up and down the neck of his guitar. He and the audience was really going mad. After that, my brother was feeling crappy again, so we decided to hike about halfway up the theatre stands and get on one of those places where he could sit down if he wanted to. This was a good vantage point, as we could see the whole band together, and man, they rock. The next song was a pretty bouncy number as well, and then, Trey says- "here's a new one for you guys tonight, we just wrote it backstage today, its called (something) plasma." NICE!!! they played it and man, it was tight. Lotsa changes in time, changes in the drum beat, very awesome. You'd be dancing kinda slowish and swimmy, and then BAM! jumpin and flailin, then woosh! slowish and swimmy, and the back to flailing. Truly a great song, I just wish I couldv'e heard what he said it was called. After that, Trey put down his guitar and conducted the horn section in this little horn number that was very Zappa like, melodies in key and then ending on a dissonant note, then going back to the quirky lines. It was as if every different horn player was playing a different rythym, but it all worked out. A nice number to sit back and rest, cause you knew you'd need it for the upcoming songs. Next was a glorious Sand. I really liked it, though I was hoping to hear all songs I haven't heard before, and this was the first I have heard. Don't get me wrong, it rocked. I was very glad for the horn piece to rest before this number. The crowd was going WILD on this one, and it was good to see that more people was enjoying this one. It was very Phishy, with the main theme and song starting, then a long long jam. Here, finally, we get a huge organ solo. I'd been waiting for that, and was going nuts. After a while I forgot what song they're playing and was totally lost in the music, then they came back perfectly to the main theme and everyone cheers. Then, a nice slow swimmy song, trey finally picks up one of the three acoustics that were on stage, and they all pretty much put the crowd to rest with a very heartfelt and lullabye-ish song. Its good to get let down slowly after such a concert, and after that trey thanked everyone and they all left the stage. But you knew it wasn't over yet. After a short break, they came back out for the encore, which was one of the most rocking songs I've heard them do. It was like an orgasm, the rythym changes from one stupendously hard beat to a slighty harder beat to a grand finale that no-one, in my opinion can top. All in all I was very happy for the show. That was the end of part one of the greatest venues in the world part of the tour, and coming up next is RED ROCKS!!! You know trey planned this like that, because those are the two greatest venues ever to play a show, with the greek theatre being second and red rocks the first. I treated this show like something else, as this was my first solo trey show, and have nothing to compare it to. But, nonetheless, the place was shook, and everyone left happy. Well, I need to go to sleep now, I missed the train going back to my relatives house, and spent the night in the park, so I'm dead tired. -the guy from WV
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 13:25:44 -0700 From: Steven Casey sjcasey@ucsd.edu Subject: 7-14-01 I did the San Diego to Berkeley run. At first I was upset that I was not able to go to Red Rocks but after these four shows I am glad I get to save my money. Dont get me wrong Trey's new band rocks, but hearing the same songs night after night was a little depressing. The Greek in Berkeley is one of the venues that you wish were in every city. I love the vibe of that venue and the highlight of the four shows was the Sand on the second night at the Greek. One of the best Sands ever. That Sand made the trip to Berkeley. I know that Trey is playing only his material but it would have been nice to hear some covers or even change the setlist a little. Trey did looked stoked I have never seen him smile so much. I hope that this band grows and creates more material next time they come through town, or I pray that Phish comes back.
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 12:23:37 -0700 From: LINDSAY J TRACY lindsay200@juno.com Subject: 7/14/01 Show Review This was my fourth Trey show this tour, and I can already say that I am sick of this band. They don't have "it" and it is painfully obvious the more I see them. I love the horn section, the drums are very good, and Trey is Trey. The problem is that the fat guy who can't even stand up for more than half the show or hold his own bass finds it necessary to play the same bassline for twenty minutes on end every song. It is so repetive and annoying that it is impossible to concentrate on anything else. I don't think I've ever gone to a club and seen a bass player who sucked as much ass as "Fat Tony". I love the keyboard players style, but he is so low in the mix that you almost forget about him. The songs are good, and its a lot of new material. I'm definitely glad I caught one of these shows. I felt like I was missing something great being stuck on the west coast. It's good to know that I'm not. This show was very similar to the first three for anyone who as at them. The obvious highlight of the show was the Sand which got way out of control. Please stop playing Moesha, it really sucks. Wish I didn't already have my Red Rocks tickets I've seen more than enough of these guys already. Can't wait to see Trey, Les, and Stewart this fall. Take it easy, Dan
From: MlMrk7@aol.com Subject: Trey 7/14 review Was a little disappointed. Where was my Jibboo? Trey teased it in the first set, and now I got blue-balls! They should've ended the first set with the encore (which I agree with an earlier reviewer, reminds one of "Tomorrow Never Knows"), and Jibboo should've been the encore. Trey describes "Moesha" as a "cheesy 70's sitcom theme"...and that's the problem with it. It was good the first night, but don't repeat it to end the first set on a two-day run! Friday night was more special, hearing the new ones for the first time. Windora & Last Tube, that's the way to end a first set! Highlight of Sat was Quantegy & Sand; you get the mellow Floydian "Quantegy" then the madness that is Sand. Nothing will top the Big Cypress "Sand," but tonight's version was better than that stinker in Vegas 2000. Worst Sand ever, the only bummer of a magical night, for those who were there on Trey's b-day. These are the only two shows I'm seeing, and it gave me a good taste of Trey's new experiment. Just wanted to hear Jibboo with horns, like on "Farmhouse." Looking much more forward to Trey's next tour--Oysterhead!!!!!!!!! "Mom said never trust a band named Oysterhead!" Mark
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