2-22-01 - Landmark Theatre, Syracuse, New York

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Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 16:48:32 -0600
From: Kerry kerry_roemer@hotmail.com
To: dws@archive.phish.net
Subject: Landmark Theatre, Syracuse New York 2-22-01 Review
     With a beaming smile and those ever so nimble fingers, Trey Anastasio
and his band of groovy all stars turned this beautiful 20's era silent movie
house into a funked out jazzed up hip place to melt down for a few hours last
night in chilly upstate New York.  Seeing top versatile musicians is always a
treat, but where else can you get Dixieland Jazz, classical composition, deep
groove funk, seventies soul, acoustic chestnuts, that disturbing, beautiful
groove funk, seventies soul, acoustic chestnuts, that disturbing, beautiful
phishy weirdness and the 2 Bob's(Dylan and Marley) all in one package?  The
Trey show fool, that's where.
     The overall sonic quality and volume of this show was as close to
perfection as I have seen in ages and the intimate setting without a lot of
the distractions seen these days at Phish shows (drunken fraternity clones,
super-spun kiddies) was an absolute joy to behold.  As a side note, I only
saw one really wasted frat boy with the obligatory whiffle cut muscle his way
into our section (Twelve rows back on Trey.)  As expected, he began to shout
stupid things during  delicate moments of the acoustic Guyute.  Before the
final verse came around however, he was vomiting cheap booze into his Yankees
cap and moved on after I offered him a bottle of water for $20.
     In my opinion first set highlights were the opening Dixieland swing tune
I do not know the name of, a fantastic Mozambique, super funky Jibboo with
shimmering trumpet, trombone and tenor sax fills and soloing from Jennifer
Hartswick, Andy Moroz and Dave Grippo.  The aforementioned acoustic Guyute
closed the set and wetted everyone's whistles.
     The second set opened with a racous Rainy Day Women cover with great
muted horn section.  A long crazy Sand with things i can't even write about
coming out of Tony "the Meaning of Life" Markellis's Bass.  By far the best
version of Sand i have heard and Trey played it like a crazed train conducter
all the way through.  It was all in the sand.  Little notes, big notes, no
notes at all,( we all know Trey is the master of those) with this thundering
bass line and tight snap drumming from Russ Lawton.  It scared the hell right
out of me.  Just great.  It was followed by a superb cover of the Band's "It
Makes No Difference" with Trey handling the high range like a champ.  I think
Richard Manuel would have been pleased.  Bob Marley poet-and-a-prophet showed
up next in "Mellow Mood" which sounded polished even though Trey warned the
audience it might not be.  I felt the whole place quiet down and dig it
hard.  I'll play your favorite song indeed.  A new tune i think, "the Happy
Coffee Song" was followed by an acoustic classical piece with Trey, the
horns, and Tony on Cello or stand up bass, i'm not sure which.  It's great to
see an artist you love head off in new directions, and watching Trey closely
play that piece was comforting.   YOYOMAMA.
     "At the Barbeque " and "At the Gazebo"followed, and the set closed with
a long "The Moon and Stars" which I believe we will probably be seeing a lot
of.  Pretty melody, Trey just ripping along and sounding so ......Trey.  The
encore got people back to the seventies with "Will it Go Round in Circles"  I
think everybody came to hear some innovative stuff, and that crew delivered.
Just a great show.

Date: Fri, 23 Feb 2001 15:01:45 -0500 From: Marcus Thunich marcust99@home.com To: dws@netspace.org Subject: Syracuse Review Two words sum up last nights Syracuse Trey show for me:BIG FUN! I had been looking forward to this show a lot since scoring a front row ticket. This was to be the second time in a row for me seeing Trey from the front row as as I was on the rail for most of my last Phish show (the dreadfully lackluster 9/14/00). Needless to say, I was pretty psyched.:-) The Scene: We arrived to a pretty cold, snowy and generally gloomy afternoon in Syracuse. It had been a while since my last show in that city (11/14/93 JGB) so I didn't know the city at all but getting in and to the venue was as easy as could be. Free parking a block from The Landmark taboot! This was a very tough ticket as there were many many folks wandering the streets searching for that elusive extra. Entering the beautiful old Landmark Theatre was pretty much hassle free. The place reminded me a lot of The Warfield in San Francisco. The exception being all the uniformed Syracuse cops who wandered inside the hallways and even around inside the theatre during the show. I'd never seen real cops (let alone so many) like that so visible inside a venue before. Very strange. The Show: Trey and band came on around 8 O'clock. Rumor was that they were soundchecking until around 7:15 so that would explain the delay. Set 1: The first 3 songs consisted of new material (whether original or covers I'm not sure), but they were all pretty much in the do-wop/jazzy or funky vein. Very very cool stuff, especially with the horn section. Free Thought followed and sailed with the horn section each taking a run. Much more interesting than the Phish versions I've heard of that tune. A very funky and long Jiboo followed which was highlighed by Tony Markellis' rock solid funkadelic bass playing. The set was capped off with Trey doing a solo acoustic reading of Guyute. Trey handled this long and technically complicated song with his typcial virtuostic aplomb. Note perfect to these ears. The audience whistling along near the end had Trey grinning from ear to ear. End of set. Set Break: ~30 minutes. Set 2: A surprising cover of Dylan's RDW 12&35 emerged as the set opener. This was a big crowd pleaser (obviously due to the songs chorus) but nothing earth shattering musically. The band then launched into what was easily the highlight of the night for me: a 20 minutes version of Sand that was easily the best version these ears have ever heard (Phish or Trey solo '99 versions). Here the horn section really shone and gave a song a musical bigness that it never had before. Also, the repititious bass and drum lines didn't get redundant as fast as they normally can for me. This version built and built with Trey adding more lines until he was soloing with fury and intensity that would make even the harshest Trey/Phish critic's hair stand on end. Simply outstanding. The Band's classic It Makes No Difference was note perfect with excellent vocals from Trey. Before launching into Bob Marley's Mellow Mood, Trey said that the band had only touched on the tune in rehersal but wanted to try it then anyway and apoligized for any "unrehearsedness" that might occur. None was too be found in this most excellent choice of a Marley cover. The rest of the set consisted of new material except The Happy Coffee Song which is on Trey's One Mans Trash CD. Encore: The one song I was hoping to hear this night was Will It Go Round In Circles. I was *very* psyched when they launched into it as the encore. A fine 15+ minute version that was more jazzy and less rocked out like the '99 solo versions were. Here the horns once again played a big role in the overall sound of things. Very nice. Overall, this was a fine and fun show. It was hard to believe that this was only the second show this band has ever played together. Trey is clearly having a ball as was evident by his near perma-smile. His new material was also very interesting to hear and seems to have a lot of potential upon first listen. This stuff is much different than anything Mr Prolific has written before. It seems he's currently in a jazzy/do-wop compositional phase right now. Good for him. It's always fun and exciting to hear new material. Kudos to Trey for having the balls to always try to break new ground. Thumbs up. *********************************************** visit my CDR trading page at: http://members.home.net/marcust99/home.htm I can be reached via ICQ # 4116873 ***********************************************
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